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I live in Vermont. I have enjoyed the Lord and Lady in my life for 24 years now. I have taken many years of Vocal training and sing out at times. I enjoy Gardening, gourmet cooking, and crafting. I have 4 children. I teach Wicca online via email or on ICQ. My specialties are visions and Astral Projection/Past life regression, Medicine Cards, and Dream interpretation. I also practice STREGHERIA...the oldest form of Witchcraft. Anything else you want to know.....Just ask!! you can sometimes find me at "pagansunite" spiritual chat room, but if you would like to get ahold of me, it's best to e-mail me directly.

scotcat and tsighini

Spirituality is a personal matter, for one never totally looks at their own exactly like another. It is part of our make up, like a gene or our soul. What is truth to one, may not be truth to another. What is important is that we seek our higherselves, that we listen, learn and are tolerant to those who seek spirituality within themselves. It doesnt matter what path they may be on. It could be Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam or even another pagan path. We are all part of this great circle we call Earth and we must be kind to her and to each other.

As I walk this life, my eyes see the seasons of nature, the God and the Goddess, life and death, darkness and light, form and force,the sun and moon, good and evil. I listen with guidance, and calmness within myself to find the truth within me. I see the rites of passage we all walk through and smile that life continues with balance in all things. Even at the worst of times, I strive to find the good in the lessons learned, and realize I walk closer to enlightenment and become wiser.

Within Wicca there are many paths. It is like a trunk of a tree with many branches, BUT we must not forget the roots to the tree, that from which the tree grows. This, to me, is what Elder Wicca is. The path is many centuries old which has, over time, branched off into many sects (Garderian, Celtic, Faery, Alexandrian, Dianic just to name a few). One path no better than another... but the roots must be there and not forgotten. We need to remember the roots and take nourishment from them daily. This will allow us to grow stronger, with more branches and good green leaves, to reach for the light we seek in ourselves.

There is no one person who started Wicca. It has been here since the beginning of "as above so below". For the word itself comes from an Old English term for "Wise One", and a wise person must be a seeker of knowledge and this becomes a lifelong task. Even after 22 years on this path I still feel I have so much to learn. I share what I know; I continue learning from all those I meet up with, in this mundane, physical life I lead.


A Variation of Lawrence Le Shan, Written By My Daughter, Jasmine

If my soul was a garden, my roots would hug the earth as if I was scared to lose them.
My leaves would reach out to the others in the bed.
My forever vine would grow to the highest peak only to meet rebirth in the approach of winter.
Blankets of the snow would spare my growth, and force reflection on the seeds of my learning.
Greeting the spring, my pedals would weep.
Vibrant colors would shine from my mind and the pollen from my heart.
Feeding my roots with the minerals of the soil I grew in, I begin to stray from the ground.
In the summer, I would be a lily; a tiger lily growing forever and free.
To be a lupine to watch a busy world go by, and collect the dust from things passing by me.
I would be a garden of stone, organized in appearance but stepped upon by others feeling taller than I.
More directed I would leave them to be, while I stay nestled and humble in my earth.
Perhaps I'd let a weed or two seep in the cracks to hide my internal beauty.
I am never a mess in nature, yet I am placed "just so" and fragile.
Come autumn at the near end of my tired season, I would plan to nestle down and take my time to wilt away, back to mother and backfrom the sun.
Growing a plumb fruit to nourish the Yuletide season ahead, and plant a seed for my stability.
I am all of these things in my garden, yet I am only one.
I can only share one flower, one stone for each step or one seed at a time.
I too am wilted when the calming comes and spare my beauty when the sun shines bright.

May my soul forever lie in the garden of the mother and of my mind.

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