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Family and Friends

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First of all, I would like to thank the LORD and LADY for their love of me. Thank you for embracing me and your patience of me in walking my path with you. Thank you for showing me enlightment, love when I felt none in the physical, and for the knowledge you helped me to seek within myself.
I would also like to thank, Raven Grimassi, for the inspiration to this page!!! Your wisdom is unmatched and I bow to it....Blessed Be...I hope to meet you as your schedule allows when you are on your book tour....stay in touch.

To my 6 children and Granddaughter... Jasmine, You are the light of my life and I will always be your mom but its nice to be friends...throws fruit loop at her. *TINK* May you finally practice what you have been taught in school and let go of the heavy heart you have and know that it is destructive at have the light within it. To your husband, Darrin..Patience, my dear PATIENCE!!! I'm her mother BUT you married her!!!! *Laughing* Love you and welcome to our family (remember, I am the "wierd" one according to Papa).

Stephen, you dont know everything, but almost!!! Keep learning...Always remember MY Theory of RELATIVITY....WE are ALL related!!! Mariah, you hold personal healing power!!! Love life and grow, keep that smile.... Rebecca, Bobo, you are into everything...stop that!!!!*smiles* I love your stubbornness, your giggle, your innocence and to Cherie.....I am so glad to have you in our lives. May you always remember the sacrifice we have all made in life and that our bond is forever. To my granddaughter, Vivianne, Thank you for helping your mom see this light. You give her love and wisdom everyday. No screaming at the Meme!!!!*Kiss*

To my loyal friends, Cameo (the Golden UNretriever)Jose' (well, he's just a mutt) and Tyler (Our Afghan hound) Thank you for your unconditional love of me and mankind...even though we don't always deserve it.

To my best girlfiends....In the order in life we met Cecile, Becky and Christine:thank you for bearing with me all these years... Im still Wiccan but loving every minute of it and thank you all for seeing me in the light and knowing that my pagan ways are pure. You are true Christians and have learned the true meaning of your bible by loving and tolerance...I love all of you for your inspirations and guidence and most of all your love of me.. Hey, does anyone want to go shopping????

Tsighini..powalla tweyello wi-chum-pi...what started out as a friendship....grew into love....there is so much to learn, feel and experience on our different paths that have met at this fork of our lives. Your love and wisdom is unmatched and I have learned much of your Cherokee and Scottish heritage.....thank you for being my strength, my light, my soul....I hold your heart dearly and Love you with all the power of a beautiful sunrise!!!!! Grandfather shines on you know.....and the Goddess smiles and takes our hand and heart. My family now accepts you with open arms and what a long way we have come now being husband and wife. I am sorry for the world's ignorance of your Native American traditions and I hope they will one day find it in their heart to let their prejudice go and find the true meaning of "that we are all brothers and sisters" for The Cherokee Nation, Clan MacDougall and Clan MacPherson will always be allies in adversity. Ignorance cannot be. I love you; and yes I can spell it right..."O'siyo".....hahahahaha. What a beautiful Handfasting we had. The Ancestors, The Lord and The Lady saw our love and shined back upon us.

Kresh, my past life love and dearest friend, Thank you for our endless chats and our ROOM; you are the best pic man I know.*smiles* Thank you for meeting us at Lor and Ramona's handfasting and letting the healing begin..may we be understanding kind and patient with it and the Goddess will provide answers we seek. We had such a great time and the kilt pic and the humor I will never forget..REMEMBER the HEART song always. I have so much to thank you for: your love and for helping Jasmine continue to the light of knowledge and for all the help with this page. You are the Webmaster/pic master and I can never repay you enough. You are the mountain, so you better get up here to see them soon! I love you.

Kherne, Thank you for sharing my place of visions and coming back to Vermont... how sad it would have been if we had never met. I am so honored to have you in my life. Let the mountains sing to you again. May we constantly debate pagan vs. Wicca and polytheism vs. pantheism....come back over for dinner soon!!! I still cant believe how TALL you are...or am I just short? I will never forget the laughs going to RI....HEY YOUR WHEELS ARE SPINNING....!!!!! *wink*

To all my pagan friends who attended my Handfasting : Kherne, Lric, Lacey, Gypsypeace, God of Thunder, Summerglass, Werecoyote, Eveninstar, Black Jag, Samhain lady, Son of Somnus (rest in peace), Shadowdragon, Firespirit, Cecile, Helana, Eraseme and of course Kresh in spirit!!! Thank you so much for sharing our day. There were many circles created in ourselves and in those around us. We worked through 3 rites of passage that weekend, initiation, handfasting and death. We are connected forever and we hold tight in our love and light for each other, Blessed Be.

To my Students of Wicca: Always remember your Rede and your code of conduct. Look inside yourself and your heart. Find the form and force within the great circle in which we live on. The answers you seek are within you. Keep your mind and your heart open and seek the lessons in this life and embrace them. Always remember we learn and move forward everyday and that the more you learn....the more you find, that you know so little. A true heart, an open mind, and walking the path of knowledge will bring you the mysteries. Blessed Be!

To all my friends on WBS, WPR (Witch/Pagan Resources), and those I have met due to this page: Thank you for the sharing of information, for the fun times, the long chats. You all have honored me so much that I hope in some small way I have given back the light.....the circle continues.

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