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STREGHERIA: Italian Witchcraft and is one of the oldest forms of documented Witchcraft in Europe. The Word "Stregheria" means religion of Witches. "Stregoneria is the Italian word for sorcery or magickal practices of Witches as opposed to their religion." (quote from Raven Grimassi's Encyclopedia of Wicca and Witchcraft.) Many forms of this religion differ from region to region in Italy. Many forms are Etruscan, medieval magick with Italic Paganism, Rural Forms, mostly in southern Italy and Sicilian Witchcraft.

ARADIA: A Holy woman that lived in the 14th Century in Italy. She taught Witchcraft and is considered to be an Avatar. Her teachings have been passed down through family lines which are incorporated in the Holy Strega.

AVATAR: One who has evolved beyond the need of human exsistance and who returns and teaches the ways of liberation from this physical plane.

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